Roofs are often treated as an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ aspect of homeownership, particularly where flat roofs are involved. However, many dedicated DIY enthusiasts might choose to get up onto the roof and try to tackle the maintenance themselves, in order to cut costs and spruce up their space.

5 good reasons not to pressure wash your roof

1.     You can damage your tiles

Applying the pressure of a jet wash to anything for cleaning purposes is an aggressive method that can cause damage. Roof tiles are often coated with a textured surface in order for weatherproofing and durability, which can be easily stripped away by the high pressure of a jet washer, shortening the expected lifespan of the tile. You can also cause roof tiles to loosen, causing gaps and cracks to form, and even risking tiles falling from your roof and causing damage to whatever they happen to hit below.

2.     Moss growth isn’t as bad as you might think

In advice published by leading UK roof tile producer Marley Eternit, experts revealed that moss growth isn’t actually harmful to the slates or tiles. They only create a need for removal where they are stopping the drainage down the roof, which is usually only in extreme cases. This same point has been reiterated by the National Federation for Roofing Contractors, who confirm that moss only needs to be removed when it is obstructing drainage or clogging gutters.

3.     It might invalidate your tile guarantee

Many manufacturers of roof tiles stipulate that any pressure washing will invalidate their guarantee, due to the abrasive nature and stripping of the surface of the tiles. It’s just not worth taking this risk.

4.     There’s a risk of flooding

While a roof and all roofing tiles are designed to withstand the elements, and even harsh weather conditions, they aren’t designed to withstand a highly-pressurised source of water being fired at them from a nozzle. This method could easily lead to leaks and flooding in the loft, and therefore brings about the potential for damage to your property.

5.     Walking on your roof can cause damage

Simply walking around on your roof as you jet wash your tiles has the potential for causing further damage to your home and to the individual roof tiles.

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