Most people look for ways to cut their costs, but when it comes to your roofing, beware the dangers of not using an approved roofing contractor. Whether you’ve been duped into using a rogue trader or are looking for cheaper ways to fix your roofing, there can be some disastrous consequences of not using a company with the right roofing accreditations. Here are some of the issues you can avoid by using an experienced, qualified roofer.

Why you should always use an approved roofing contractor. Avoid the dangers of rogue traders, including poor quality work, safety concerns, hidden costs & lack of insurance. Get free advice from an approved roofer now.Poor Quality Work

The way a company or individual roofer gains the right accreditations is to have the skills and experience to perform high-quality work. Each job should meet all the relevant safety and quality standards. If you use a contractor who doesn’t have the required roofing qualifications, you risk the results being of poor quality. Rather than save you money, this can lead to you paying more further down the line to remedy the work or deal with constant repairs. You may even incur other costs if damage occurs as the result of shoddy work, such as interior leaks or structural issues.

Safety Concerns

Even if the work looks okay, your roofing may have been left in such a way that it could be dangerous. This includes the risks of falling debris and lack of structural support. This could cause damage to your property, not to mention putting the safety of yourself and others at risk both inside and outside the home. The dangers could be caused by anything from poor quality materials to lack of proper techniques used.

No Guarantees

Whereas a qualified roofer will have the right insurance to cover you should anything go wrong, those without the right accreditations won’t hold guarantees for the jobs they undertake. This means that if any further repairs are required thanks to problems from the initial work, you would have to pay for these yourself.

Hidden Costs

Another consequence which mainly affects those who have used rogue traders is unclear costs. An accredited, experienced company will outline what’s covered in their quotation so that you’re fully aware of what you’re paying for and what may lead to further costs being added. Unfortunately, this is where many homeowners get caught out when they don’t use an approved contractor. This type of roofer will often quote cheaply at the start but then charge for a lot more once the work is completed, even claiming to have carried out tasks which you didn’t ask for.

Looking for an approved roofing contractor?

At South Thames Roofing, we hold a wide range of roofing accreditations. We’re a member of the Government-authorised Competent Roofer scheme, TrustMark and Checkatrade, to name a few. We offer a wide variety of services for all types of roofing across South London and Surrey, covering areas such as Balham, Cobham and Worcester Park. Call 0208 397 2900 for free advice and a no-obligation quotation.