Having a leak in your roof isn’t always as obvious as needing to put out a bucket to catch the constant drips. In fact, that scenario is quite rare. Normally, homeowners notice leaks in their roofs because damp patches have started to form on their ceilings or along the tops of their walls. Sure, these might drip as the water collects, but the biggest problem will be the fact that the stains are growing, which means that the water damage is spreading. Here, we look into the signs that your roof has a leak, the damage this can cause, and what to do if you spot one.

Roof leaks & repairs: Signs that your roof has a leak & how to fix itSigns that your roof has a leak

One of the biggest signs that your roof has a leak is a damp patch forming on your ceiling or the tops of your walls. This could be caused by anything from a torn waterproof roof seal or a blockage in your gutter to a missing or broken shingle. The damp will probably spread and start to stain the walls, leaving them discoloured and perhaps even starting to grow mildew.

What damage can leaks cause?

On a cosmetic level, excess water can cause damage to the paintwork in your home. If the issue is left untreated, it can actually start to affect the structural aspects of the roof – in particular, the timbers. This can eventually lead to a weakening of the roofing structure. It is far more cost-effective and less stressful to get the leak sorted as soon as you notice it!

What to do if you spot a leak

If you want to identify the leak or temporarily stop it, you should start in the loft. It is always best to search for a leak when it is raining, as the water can be used as a guide. The walls around the affected area will be glistening with moisture, so this should help you identify the leak. You could shine a torch on the walls to help you see which surfaces are wet. If you cannot spot the leak here, other areas to check are the flashing, shingles and gutter system.
A leaking roof needs to be repaired by a professional roofing specialist, who will make sure that the problem is rectified properly and ensure that your roof is protected against future damage. If you have spotted a leak or are worried that there might be one, simply contact your local roofing experts and they can conduct a professional survey to identify the issue.

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