Replacing roof shingles in Surrey

Are your roof shingles in need of replacing

You may have only ever heard of the word ‘shingles’ in a medical context – fear not, this blog certainly isn’t going to start offering health advice! When it comes to the covering of your home, shingles are the individual overlapping elements that make up your roof. Generally speaking, we often call slate shingles ‘tiles’; shingles can also be made from materials such as wood and asphalt.

We like to think of shingles as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle – if any of the pieces are too worn out, broken or even missing, you won’t be able to complete the puzzle. When it comes to your roof, here are the warning signs that you may need to replace the shingles.

Wear and tear

By keeping on top of general wear and tear, you’ll avoid having to shell out for a more expensive and time-consuming roofing job in the long run. If the edges of shingles are curled, there are bald spots where granules are missing, or some of your shingles are cracked, then it’s time to think about getting the professionals in.


If you know that your house has had the same roof for 20 or more years, then it could be time for an update or to make a conscious effort to look out for signs of wear and tear. Asphalt shingles are made to last, so you should get a good 25–30 years out of them.


If you live in a cooler climate and your roof surface doesn’t get a huge amount of sunlight, then it’s possible that moss will start to grow on it. This looks unsightly and can cause damage to your shingles. Moss holds on to moisture and, if it freezes, can cause damage to the granules on the surface of your shingles. If you’ve got moss, it may be worth getting in touch with a roofer in order to find out what the best course of action to take is.

In the roofing trade, we often find that the best way to avoid having to completely reroof your home is to keep on top of maintenance work. Keep an eye out for the warning signs that your shingles need replacing, and, if you spot them, get in touch with South Thames Roofing. Whether you live in Surrey or South London – from Croydon to Wimbledon – we will help keep your roof in top condition.