If you’re working on or own a property and want it to be as eco-friendly as possible, the roof can play a huge part in this.
However, it’s not just a case of using eco-friendly materials that are sourced locally, but also how much energy the roof will save you once it’s installed. The roof of a building is vital in providing adequate insulation and ensuring both minimum heat loss and essential ventilation.

Eco friendly roofers
There are various different options when it comes to environmentally-friendly roofing, which are easiest explored through the type of roof you’re going to have.

Eco-friendly pitched roofs

If you’re building a property with a pitched or apex roof, you have several different options in terms of what to tile it with in order for it to be environmentally-friendly. For example, you could opt for reclaimed slates and tiles, timber shingles, natural slate, or clay.

Reclaimed tiles

Reclaimed tiles are a great form of recycling and can often help you achieve a certain aesthetic that brand new tiles can’t. You can typically source them locally, and avoid the usual toxic emissions that come from manufacturing processes. There are, however, sometimes issues with quality assurance when buying reclaimed tiles. It’s always best to check the tiles you’re buying.

Sustainable timber shingles

Timber shingles, such as cedar, are a great sustainable and renewable option when sourced from FSC certified suppliers. Highly textured and weathering beautifully, they are also an attractive option. One disadvantage of timber shingles is that they tend to be imported, and therefore might come with a more substantial carbon footprint than roofing options you can source locally.

Slate tiles

Available throughout the UK, slate is a low energy option with a long lifespan and durable composition. Slate is also incredibly attractive and requires little maintenance, but is in comparatively low reserves when compared with other options.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles are a popular choice all over the country, and are probably one of the most common. They are, however, created using a manufacturing process that involves extracting clay from the ground and then firing the tiles using high-energy methods. Manufacturers are said to be actively investing in finding new, more conscious ways to work in clay tile production, so it’s worth looking into different manufacturers and the methods they use.

You can find out more about the environmental and sustainability aspects of roof tiles on the Roof Tile Association website.  If you’re still struggling to select a roofing material for your property, it might help you to refer to our guide on choosing slates & tiles for pitched roofing.

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