Felt roofing from South Thames

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” – John F. Kennedy

For many years now, South Thames has been considered a go-to roofing company for those looking to install, maintain or repair a felt roof.

If you, too, are in need of assistance with yours, don’t hesitate to call on our professional roofing contractors, whenever convenient.

What is a felt roof?

Felt: “a kind of cloth made by rolling and pressing wool or another suitable textile, accompanied by the application of moisture or heat, which causes the constituent fibres to mat together to create a smooth surface.”

So, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, a felt roof is any roof that has been covered with the material felt in order to keep out the elements. As opposed to asphalt or liquid roofs, felt is applied in strips, instead of being laid wet and then spread out.

A few quick-fire facts about felt roofing…

Felt roofs are typically:

  • Resistant to moisture;
  • Durable, lasting, in some cases, to as many as 50 years (it’s advisable to have most surveyed after 10, however); and
  • Effective for insulation, providing it’s well installed.

We offer a variety of services, including felt roof tile installation

Here at South Thames, we provide a comprehensive felt roofing service to our domestic, commercial and industrial clients, which covers:

So whether you’re looking to entirely overhaul your current roof, you need to keep it functioning to its full potential or you’re experiencing a leak, we’ll be able to proficiently assist.

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