For those properties with a garage attached, most homeowners would agree it’s one of the most invaluable spaces they have. From keeping their car safe and secure to storing furniture, paint and anything else they want out the way, it’s often a useful area to have. Garages can have pitched roofs, but a flat roof is the more commonly seen design. Over the years, you may have given your property’s roof some TLC, but don’t neglect your garage roof or you could face costly repairs further down the line. Here’s our guide to garage roof replacements and the professional services on offer.

Why Replace Your Garage Roof?

When there are small repairs to be carried out on your roof, it can be more cost-effective to complete remedial work on these areas, but sometimes the time comes to replace your entire garage roof. We often see this when the age of the garage means that its roof has sustained extensive wear and tear, rust or water damage. When the roofing sheets have deteriorated or split, you may start to experience other problems in your garage which usually relate to moisture entering in through the roof. Signs of this include rot, leaks on the interior walls, mould or mildew. This can even affect the condition of anything you’re storing in your garage. If you’re feeling unsure about whether repairs or a full replacement is the best option for you, ask for an inspection by a reliable roofer in your local area.

Everything you need to know about garage roof replacements for your home in Surrey or South London. Includes looking for signs of damage, when to replace your garage roof, roofing materials & types of services to choose from.Garage Roof Materials

When choosing the right material for your new garage roof, it should be one which is high in quality for a strong, waterproof roof which is robust enough to stand the test of time. An expert roofer will be able to explain all the different types of material to you and which will be best for your garage and individual requirements, taking into account budget, the size of the space, the look you want to create and what you use your garage for. Options include bitumen felt, rubber roofing and asphalt.

Types of Garage Roofing Service

When looking for a professional roofer in Surrey or South London, it can be a challenge to find a company who offers a variety of services specifically for garage roofs. Look for an expert who provides a range of services which cover installations, repairs and replacements, covering all the needs you may have with your roofing over the years. A roofer with experience will be able to assess your garage and its roof for signs of damage, including those experiencing banging sounds in high winds or you’ve noticed a leak within the space.

Considering a garage roof replacement?

South Thames Roofing offers services across locations such as Barnes, Battersea and Ewell, including a specialist service for garage roofs. Not only do we perform expert repairs, installs and roofing replacements, but have the years of experience to advise and guide throughout the process, letting you know the best options for you. For a free quotation or a chat about your needs, just call our friendly team on 0208 397 2900.