Before putting in an offer when buying a new home, there are lots of things to consider. This includes the state of the property you want to buy and how much maintenance work is required to get it up to scratch.

One area that can cause delays in the house buying process is the roofing, so it’s important to know it’s in good condition. Asking the right questions can also help you plan if any roofing work will be needed soon after you move in.

Here are our top roofing tips for homebuyers.

Ask questions about the property’s roof

Roofing is an area many homebuyers forget to consider, focusing on a property’s interiors instead. However, a failure to confirm the state of a roof can waste time and money further down the line, so it’s essential to ask some questions about it.

Key information includes the age of the roof, as you may want to consider the lifespan of the material in place. Even if the property is older, you may find the roof was replaced only several years before with high-quality slates or modern EPDM roofing.

Check the roof’s condition

When you visit a property, always take a look up at the roof from the outside. Is there anything you can see that may be an issue? This includes cracks, sagging guttering, missing roof tiles or moss growth. Don’t forget about other structures, such as sheds and garages, as there may be roofing costs to think about if there’s visible deterioration.

When viewing a property you’d like to put an offer on, you could request to see up in the loft or attic space to check that there’s no outside light coming in or signs of leaks.

With the homeowner’s permission, you could even request a roof inspection.

Don’t forget about guttering

Guttering forms an important part of a property’s roofline, draining water away from the roof and transporting it to the ground. Always note the condition of gutters and downspouts as you view a potential new home to anticipate whether upgrades or repairs are needed.

When you first move into a property, you should request a gutter clearance to make sure there are no blockages that could start to cause drainage issues.

Roofing advice when selling your home

One of our top roofing tips for home sellers is to book an inspection. This will put your mind at ease that there aren’t any roofing issues that will cause delays or turn away potential buyers.

A roof in poor condition could lower the kerb appeal of your property, so it’s better to get any issues sorted, giving potential buyers more confidence that everything’s in good condition.

Book a roof inspection now

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