There’s all sorts of debris that can end up on our roofing, from airborne objects from neighbouring properties to dirt and leaves. This is especially common in residential areas where there are lots of gardens present. It’s these unexpected issues which make regular roof maintenance so essential to the health of your roofing. However, if you’ve spotted anything on your roof which shouldn’t be there, how long should you wait before dealing with it?

Roof maintenance experts - Guide to removing debris from your roofImportance of Removing Debris from Your Roof

Your roof is one of the most important structures of your property, protecting both the interiors and exterior of your home or business. While debris can affect how your roof looks, it can also damage its integrity. Debris can take the form of loose roofing materials or anything which has been carried by the wind. A professional roofing company will always clean up after themselves, but if you’ve used someone unreliable, they may have left behind materials and rubble.

When to Remove Debris

How quickly you remove debris from your roofing depends on what it is and the consequences of leaving it there. For example, is it something which could cause harm to others if it were to fall from your property? Something as small and light as leaves aren’t going to cause issues for anyone below, but branches, loose tiles or building debris will. It may seem like the items aren’t going anywhere fast, but never underestimate what strong winds can carry.

You should also think about the potential damage to your roof. If something heavy has landed, could it have disturbed or cracked tiles, or be too heavy for your flat roof to hold the weight of it? The debris can also move around your roof in the wind, causing it to hit other structures such as your chimney or roofline features.

How to Remove Debris

While some flat roofs can easily be reached with a ladder, we wouldn’t recommend trying to remove debris yourself. Trained roofers will use the right safety equipment and their years of expertise to access your roof safely and efficiently. You could put yourself at risk by trying to clear the debris, especially when climbing to a height.

Don’t Forget Your Gutters

While you may have spotted visible debris on your tiles or flat roof, other items could be concealed within gutters and downpipes. This can block your guttering, affecting the drainage of water away from your property. Ensure you schedule regular gutter cleaning services alongside your roof inspections and maintenance. This is another reason to remove debris you can see on your roofing before it falls into your gutters and clogs them up.

Need your roof cleaned?

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