The requirement to remove moss from your roof is something that is widely debated – there are arguments from both sides when it comes to whether or not you should remove it. Many people are fond of the rustic, fairy-tale look that a moss coating creates, with some experts even arguing that moss can act as a ‘filler’ for added insulation and to plug any gaps.

Despite this, moss can still cause issues with roof tiles, damp, and load bearing, which is why many people opt to have it removed. While roof maintenance might not seem high on the list of budget priorities, those who want to remove it themselves should be discouraged from taking a cost-cutting DIY approach, as this could result in further damage to your roof, and therefore create other, more costly issues.

Why does moss need to be removed from the roof?

Moss and algae tend to grow in damp, shady places where they can naturally thrive. However, due to the moisture content, both of these plants will hold water against the roof, which may in turn cause everything underneath to start rotting.

When water is held against the roof, it can also create ice ‘dams’ in colder weather when it freezes – and that’s bad news for your roof tiles. Essentially, moss can create movement with your roof tiles which will expose your roof to adverse weather, as well as slowly causing your roof to rot.

If you’d like to keep the fairy-tale feel in place, which is something that owners of period properties often want to do, then you might want to weigh up the risk factors against the aesthetic benefits. Also known as a ‘living roof’, moss-covered roofs can provide an insulating element to your property and improve the biodiversity of your environment.

How to remove moss from your roof

Roofs are not designed to withstand the weight of people walking about, and you should therefore not attempt to climb onto your roof and clean it yourself, as this can also cause damage to your tiles (and is potentially dangerous for you, too).

Some chemical cleaners can also have bad reactions with other elements of your roof structure, such as the lead flashing, which is why you should always consult an expert when it comes to removing moss from your roof.

Roofing experts have the knowledge and equipment needed to remove any moss and algae from your roof in a safe and effective way. This will also avoid the risk of you overextending or injuring yourself trying to access the area from a ladder.

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