Do you want to know more about liquid roofing? All property owners hope their roof is as watertight as it can be, so installing a high-quality roofing system is a must. The popularity of liquid roofing has risen in recent years now that many older roofs are coming to the end of their lifespan, but what are the best applications for this type of roofing? Read our handy advice below to find out more.

Best roof materials & their uses - Guide to liquid roofing applicationsWhat Are Liquid Roofing Systems?

Liquid Roofing is one of the most waterproof roof materials on the market. It consists of a fluid-based polymer, which can be applied to a range of other materials. It’s laid as a cold fluid, but when it dries, it becomes like rubber, forming a fully waterproof membrane across the entirety of your external roof space. This stretchy consistency is ideal for roofs because it adapts to changes well without becoming easily damaged.

Best Applications for Liquid Roofing

Different Materials

Liquid roofing is often used to enhance existing roofing to ensure it’s as watertight as it can be. This includes application to several different materials, including bitumen and felt roofs, metal roofs, plywood, masonry, concrete, OSB board decks and asphalt.

Flat & Pitched Roofs

Liquid roofing can be used for pitched roofs, but it’s often chosen for flat roofs which need additional waterproofing. Flat roofs can sometimes be some of the most prone to roofing leaks, so if you’re paying out for constant repairs, this could be an excellent solution. It’s even used for decking, balconies and terraces as long as the manufacturer states it’s suitable for foot traffic.

Domestic & Commercial Roofs

Liquid roofing is ideal for both commercial and residential roofs, and its look can be tailored to your tastes and property style. It comes in a range of colours, including white, grey, black and more vibrant shades, so you can customise the design to complement your property.

Roofing Features

Even if you have lots of roof features, the benefit of this type of roofing being applied as a liquid is that it wraps around other fixtures with ease, including seams and joints.

Choosing the Right Roof for You

If you want to upgrade or replace your existing roofing, think about what your current system doesn’t offer, problems encountered and what you’d like to see from your new roofing material. For many, leaks are one of the most frustrating roof issues to battle, so if this is something which you feel affects your property, speak to a reputable local roofer about the best options for you, including whether liquid roofing is suitable for your home or business.

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