There are lots of different roof repairs you may need over the years, which is why you’ll often see scaffolding erected around lots of properties in your local area. One of the most common issues homeowners face is missing roof tiles, but what can you do about this problem?

What causes missing roof tiles?

Roof tiles can become loose for a variety of reasons. This includes stormy weather causing damage to surrounding tiles, such as a tree branch hitting the roof or high winds creating unstable conditions. Roofs will undergo a lot of wear and tear over the years, so it’s important to look after your slates and tiles whenever possible by booking regular inspections.

Another common reason that tiles become loose is algae growing on the roof. Plants such as moss are particularly damaging to tiled roofs, spreading in wet conditions. As moss fills the voids between tiles and slates, it can cause them to lift, exposing the areas underneath to the elements. If you’re experiencing any issues with your roofing, you may need the moss removed and algae killer applied.

How to spot missing roof slates & tiles

Property owners can often spot a gap in their roof tiles from the ground or if a neighbour points it out to them after noticing the problem from an upper floor of a property opposite yours. You may also see broken tile materials on the ground around your home, especially after a storm.

While it can be tempting to climb up to your roof with a ladder and take a closer look, it’s best to leave roofing inspections to the experts. They’ll have the right safety equipment and training to safely assess your roof while recognising the early signs of issues that you may have missed.

Will you get roof leaks?

If you don’t fix a missing roof tile, it could lead to further problems, such as leaks. This occurs when water enters the property through a gap in the roof and works its way into internal areas.

Property owners can spot problems with their roof tiles from a loft area, noticing sunlight coming through, damp patches and mould growing. You may even realise a bird has gotten into your attic through a hole in your roof.

Can a single tile be replaced?

Whether you need a single roof tile replacement or more extensive work will come down to each individual case. The remedial work required depends on the number of tiles missing, the material, any damage underneath the tile and the experience of the roofer.

Sometimes, it is possible to repair a small damaged area of a roof without a full replacement. Start with a roof inspection to assess the damage and make an informed choice about the different solutions available.

Contact an expert roofer for tile repairs & replacements

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