Would solar panels save you money in Surrey

Would solar panels save you money in Surrey

What’s the first thing you notice about a house with solar panels? Answer: the fact that it has solar panels. Are we right? As ‘green’, sustainable and environmentally responsible as it is to install solar panels on your roof, the sky-blue slabs do tend to stand out rather. A lot of homeowners are not bothered by this – in fact, some people like passers-by to see that they are creating renewable energy – but others would certainly prefer panels that blend in with the rest of the home.

Well, step up Elon Musk and Tesla, the man and brand behind some of the most advanced electric cars in the world. Now, Tesla’s solar roof is taking the residential solar market by storm, with beautiful aesthetics, a lifetime guarantee and high solar functionality.

What makes Tesla’s solar roof different?

As you may expect from the man who proposed the Hyperloop (a futuristic transport system that will see passengers and cargo propelled in capsules through huge tubes that connect A to B), Elon Musk’s solar roof is designed to enhance every element of existing solar panels – making them more energy efficient, more attractive and much longer-lasting. The glass tiles contain photovoltaic solar cells (which convert energy from the sun) that cannot be seen from street level, and come in a range of styles, including textured, smooth, Tuscan and slate. Rather than being mounted onto your existing roof, Tesla’s solar tiles are meant to be incorporated into the roof’s design to ensure a beautiful blend with the rest of the home.

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency

Whether you choose Tesla’s solar roof or another type of solar panel, there is a lot to be said for leveraging solar power within the home. You could feasibly generate enough energy to power your entire house, and, as such, your fuel bills could drop significantly in the long run. If you are not ready for solar power, but would like to explore other energy-saving options, you could consider a rooftop garden – the plant life keeps the roof cool in direct sunlight, removing the need for energy-intensive air-conditioning systems. Rooftop gardens absorb the sun’s heat rather than deflecting it into the environment, so can be instrumental in keeping surrounding temperatures down. Of course, a watertight seal and membrane are needed to stop excess water and debris accessing and damaging the roofing structure.

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