Ah, it’s finally starting to feel as though spring is on its way! The cold snap is (hopefully) behind us, and signs of the warmer weather are starting to break through – from the lighter evenings and the buds popping up in the grass to the Easter eggs lining the shelves in the shops. Spring always puts people in the mood for a big clean, and, if you’ve got a few home improvements in mind for the warmer weather, you should definitely add your roof to the to-do list. Spring is an ideal time to get your roof prepared for the summer and make sure that any moss has been cleared away. Here’s what you need to keep in mind for your clean.

Roof maintenance essentials - how to prepare your roof for Spring Moss can build up in spring

The spring months can be rainy, sunny and warm – sometimes all at the same time! These are perfect conditions for moss, algae and other forms of plant debris, which can quickly build up on your roof. As well as looking unsightly, this plant life can start to cause damage to your roof if not cleared away, as it can creep into the gaps between your roofing tiles and start to lift them. Of course, lifted tiles are not ideal as they create gaps for moisture to get into, and if moisture gets into the roofing structure then this can cause damp and eventual damage to your roofing structure. If you don’t have the capabilities to clean it away, you can hire a roofing expert to blast the debris away efficiently and safely with a jet washer.

You should also check your drainpipe and guttering for signs of plant debris, as the moist environment means that moss and algae can quickly grow and start to block your pipes. You may notice that water is not draining away from your property efficiently or that small pools of water have started to form on your roof – these are all signs of blocked guttering. It is easy enough to clean and, again, you can always hire a roofing expert to do it for you.

Make your roof look perfect for summer

If you want your home to look beautiful in time for summer, then now’s the time to carry out some maintenance on your roof. You just need to check that everything is in working order and that there are no cracked roof tiles or similar that may cause issues in the future.

To put your mind at ease, you could ask the experts at South Thames Roofing to clear away the plant debris from your roof, or to carry out some general maintenance. If you want to get your roof looking good this spring, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation.