Moss removal from roof in Surrey

Moss removal from roof in Surrey

Home DIY takes on many forms, and the jobs we have to do vary from season to season. During winter, harsh weather can wreak havoc with our homes – particularly the areas we can’t see from the ground. General wear and tear can also cause damage or deterioration to the exterior of our property, amplified by the wet, windy weather.

The roof is one area that’s often neglected until serious problems set in. Yet the cold and damp of a British winter can cause problems for roof tiles which, if not rectified, can lead to damage to the underlying structure itself.

Moss on tiles is a major problem. Moss is not easily seen from ground level, but it’s a whole new story when we’re up on the roof inspecting for damage.

What is moss?

Moss is a green, fast spreading plant. It is most at home in damp areas, and whilst it doesn’t have seeds or roots, it uses the damp environment to grow by feeding on moisture. Moss grows well on hard surfaces, too, so the combination of roof tiles and damp is a perfect storm.

Damp is often worsened by water collecting around the edges of the tiles. Any cracks or damaged areas mean that moss will quickly establish itself and spread.

Why clean it?

Moss should not be a part of your roof environment. Tiles need to be free from anything that may distort, crack or damage them, or move them from their normal position.

Over time, moss can start to grow underneath the tiles as well as on top, and will start to push up the tile and create a gap. This will let in the rain and start to damage the supporting roof joists.

Also, moss is acidic. It has a pH of 5, so if left to flourish, it will react with the fabric of the tile, eating away at it and weakening the edges. Again, this will eventually lead to failure of the roof covering allowing the elements to enter the house.

Who can help?

If you can see any evidence of moss on your roof from the ground, there’s every chance that there’s much more of it out of your sight. Even if you don’t think there’s moss, it’s worth getting the roof checked out by a professional, as there may be problems you just can’t see. It’s too dangerous to be climbing on the roof yourself unless you know what you are doing and have the correct equipment to work at height.

South Thames Roofing offer a comprehensive roofing service and will happily give you a quote, arrange to visit to inspect the roof and give you a report on the condition and any issues caused by moss.

Don’t think that the small, green plants you can see are harmless. They are slowly destroying your tiles and this will lead to a large bill in the future if you have to have extensive rebuilding work carried out rather than having the experts take a look now and stemming any small issues before they get out of hand.

Image Credit: Graham West via Flickr