Repairing roofs in conservation areasThe chances are that one of the things that first drew you to your home was its Conservation Area location. There isn’t a set criteria for a Conservation Area – it could be a historic urban area of character and interest that the local authority wishes to protect and enhance, or it could be a village with rural landscape that has been deemed worthy of protection. Either way, it adds interest to a location and plenty of potential buyers see it as a positive when they’re weighing up their options.

However, if you live in a Conservation Area and you’re thinking about repairing or entirely replacing your roof, there are extra considerations that you’re going to have to take into account before you get started. To help you avoid any conservation pitfalls, here’s a handy guide.


For people who don’t live in a Conservation Area or a listed property, it’s unlikely that they will have to seek any sort of permission to undertake repair work or roof replacements. However, if you do live in a Conservation Area, then the local planning authority has the right to issue ‘Article 4 directions’ – this means that you may need to submit a proposal and obtain permission before any work can begin.

Enhance or preserve

When it comes to Conservation Areas, these two words are key – is what you’re proposing going to enhance or preserve the area? Local planning authorities will want to know that what you’re planning on doing is going to remain in keeping with the area and the surrounding buildings.
Depending on how strictly this is enforced can very much depend upon the area you live in. Some Conservation Areas are drawn as simple boundaries and will inevitably incorporate homes of all different styles – meaning that you may have more flexibility if you’re interested in re-roofing in a more contemporary style. On the other hand, some authorities will be strict about the materials you use and the changes that you’re allowed to make to your roof. Recently, we were contacted about a possible roof repair in Weybridge where the homeowner was concerned about conservation status which we were able to deem was not a problem.

Seek out an expert

It’s also worth mentioning that if your home is in a Conservation Area and it’s an older building, then it’s more important than ever that you seek the advice and assistance of expert roofers. In many older houses, the roof structure is one of the most important features and you want to be safe in the knowledge that those doing the work are going to be sensitive to that.

At South Thames Roofing, we offer a team of professionals who will be able to advise you about how best to move forward with your repair work, whether you live in a Conservation Area or in any other area of London or Surrey. Contact our trusted team today to find out more about how we can help.