They may look like decorative features when looking at your property, but fascias and soffits are integral to the structure of your roof, as well as providing weatherproofing benefits. Luckily, they usually last for years, but any issues mustn’t be ignored, or you may find yourself dealing with more costly damages further down the line.

Why Are Fascias & Soffits Important?

Running horizontally along a roofline, fascia boards act to support the bottom row of tiles while carrying roof guttering. The soffit board is tucked away under the fascias and can be seen from street level, enhancing the overall look of the property. The two act together to aid ventilation to the roof area, effectively drain rainwater away, provide added protection to other features such as windows and can even add value to your home. Essentially, they’re an important part of protecting your roof from the elements while ensuring fittings are covered with a waterproof material. If fascias and soffits sustain any damage, it can lead to problems with your tiling, roof and guttering, so it’s important to recognise the warning signs if they need fixing or replacing.

Do You Need to Replace Your Fascias & Soffits?

There are several things to look out for, and these can be checked externally or within your roof void up in the loft or attic space.

Check Their Appearance

Look out for obvious signs of damaged or weathered fascias and soffits include peeling or cracked paint, leaking gutters and any holes in the area. These may lead to water getting into your home or animals being able to seek refuge in your property through any gaps along your roofline. If it’s difficult to see clearly from ground level, a professional roofer will help you with this, providing a closer roof inspection.

Issues in Your Roof Void

Regularly check your loft space if it’s easily accessible because there may be signs of roof damage from within this space. Red flags include the presence of rot or soft patches in the wood as these can be indicators that water, frost or moisture is getting into the roof area. If there are any holes which need repairing, you may also find birds’ nests or other pests such as mice, rats and wasps, indicating your roofline may have experienced some deterioration.

Worried about Asbestos?

If you suspect there may be asbestos present in your fascias and soffits (usually in pre-90s properties), it’s vital to ask a specialist to investigate whether any part of your roofing needs replacing. Under no circumstances should you attempt to look at this yourself as experts will have received training to assess and remove the asbestos safely without risking their health.

Find a Roofing Specialist

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