What do you see when you look up at your house on a sunny day? Do you see bright, gleaming windows and shiny gutters, or signs of cracking, moss and peeling paint? The summer sunshine shines a spotlight on our homes, bringing out all of the damage and dirt that the winter months have caused, and a scruffy roofline makes a property look markedly less tidy.

If you already pay a window cleaner to make sure the panes are sparkling, it’s a good time to think about cleaning your roofline – the area under the tiles. Here are a few things you can do to make it look better this summer, or prior to a house sale.

Old For New Roofline

If your roofline looks grubby, and paint is peeling around the sides, you’re probably overdue a replacement set of gutters, fascias and soffits. Wooden roofline needs regular maintenance, repainting and repair, which is why it can start to degrade and look tired and scruffy.

Any house with these old-fashioned components will benefit from uPVC replacement. Not only will it retain its gleaming, pristine appearance, it will also be more resistant to the cooler weather ahead.

Likewise, if you have any old metal pipes, these should be inspected and replaced where necessary with new guttering. After all, new guttering is great, but if the pipes rot beneath it, your investment may be wasted.

Cleaning Plastic Roofline

Plastic roofline is popular because of its lack of maintenance. At height, that’s a great thing. Once in a while, ask your window cleaner to clean and rinse the gutters so that the water flows freely and debris doesn’t block the pipes.

You can hire specialist companies to clean your roofline if your window cleaner prefers not to clean it. They will wash the fascia boards, soffit boards and guttering with a mild detergent solution, making it look fresh and bright for summer. After a thorough rinse, it should be returned to its former glory.

If you are comfortable using a pressure washer, you may be able to tackle low-level roofline (such as a flat roof, or garage roof) by yourself. We don’t recommend working at height unless you’re experienced in doing so: hire a pro and stay safe.

Frequency of Cleans

Regular roofline cleaning keeps your property looking attractive and can help you to avoid large repairs later. To keep your home looking smart, and to eliminate the need for deep cleaning, aim to have the roofline cleaned every 3 months. Ask the company to check for signs of damage while they’re up there working.

If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s a good idea to have the roofline cleaned before the pictures are taken, and then at regular intervals to give your house that important ‘kerb appeal’.

And if you’re still repairing your wood roofline – or gazing up at old, flaking paint – contact South Thames today about a shiny plastic replacement. You’ll be amazed at the improvement to your home’s overall appearance.

We can highly recommend Jet Wash Surrey – if you are looking for a quick clean up of your roofline.