Green roof ideas in LondonThe trend for green or living roofs and rooftop gardens is continuing to grow in the UK and around the world, in a bid to reduce the temperature in cities and tackle the phenomenon of ‘urban heat islands’ – where an urban area is significantly warmer than surrounding areas because of the impact of human activities. In fact, according to the First Assessment of the UK Green Roof Market, the market here in the UK is growing each year by 17 per cent. Here’s everything you need to know about the trend.

Green roofs in London

The report states that the growing trend in green roofs is largely driven by the demand for ecologically friendly roofs in London. In fact, 42 per cent of all green roofs that are installed in the UK are in London. This statistic is not surprising, seeing as the environmental benefit of green roofs is that they help to cool the air around them – something that is a priority for many cities. The London Plan, which is the Mayor of London’s strategy for spatial development, makes it clear that: “major development proposals should be designed to include roof, wall and site planting, especially green roofs and walls where feasible.”

It is not just London that is experiencing a trend in green roofs though. Other cities that are going green include Brighton and Sheffield. According to, the plan is that the mayors of other locations – including Cambridgeshire, Greater Manchester, Peterborough, Liverpool and Tees Valley – will also adopt the green roofing elements of the London Plan.

Looking after your green roof

While there are many environmental benefits to having a green roof (plus the fact that they look stunning!), they naturally collect moisture and, as such, require the right maintenance. If your roof is not properly protected, then it could be at risk of leaks or damage. The roof needs to be designed in accordance with the shape and pitch of your roofing structure, to ensure that pooling does not occur. Also, before a green roof is applied, it is important that a waterproof membrane is installed (either as a liquid or preformed sheets).

Once the roof is in place, it is a good idea to check the membrane regularly to ensure no tears have formed.

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