South Thames Roofing is your local RubberBond roofing contractor

Our RubberBond membrane is strong, versatile and waterproof — perfect for a long-lasting roof.

If you are looking for RubberBond roofers in Surrey and South London, then look no further than South Thames Roofing. Our team is qualified and experienced in installing this superior rubber roofing product for domestic and commercial flat roofing projects alike. So, whether you need to fix a leak or want to replace the roof with a more high-performance system, our strong, safe and durable RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM roofing solution is the ideal option.

What is RubberBond roofing?

RubberBond roofing refers to a specific type of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofing membrane that is applied by flat roofers. RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM is popular with flat roofing specialists for both commercial and domestic sites, due to the fact that the single-ply membrane is incredibly clean and efficient to install, as well as offering superior durability and long-lasting performance. Its unique selling point is its fleece backing, which enhances its strength and means that it can be applied to a wide range of roofing surfaces.

Our RubberBond FleeceBackEPDM also features factory-applied tape (FAT™) – a unique offering from the product’s manufacturer, Carlisle SynTec. While a membrane’s seam is usually applied during installation, FAT™ is implemented in a factory-controlled setting beforehand. This is beneficial for a number of reasons: –

  1. It reduces time and labour during the roof installation process;
  2. It lowers any risk of human error;
  3. It enables flat roofers to produce a seam with uniform width and thickness. The EPDM membrane also needs 67 per cent fewer seams than a modified bitumen version, which again reduces time and increases efficiency. The seams can be bonded to other roofing systems and materials, which makes it versatile and convenient for domestic and commercial roof projects of all shapes and sizes.

Widespread approval

RubberBond FleeceBackEPDM is a high-quality and reliable EPDM roofing material. It has been approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), which certifies that it has a lifespan of more than 35 years, and its high-performance waterproofing system has been accepted by the National House Building Council (NHBC). It also achieves the highest European fire ratings. It is an innovative roofing product that is trusted by flat roofers around the UK to make your domestic or commercial property’s flat roof strong, long-lasting and leak-free.