Are you selling your home? One of the most frustrating things when going through the property selling process is small things putting off potential buyers or finding issues which cause delays further down the line. If you’re thinking about putting your property on the market, here are some great reasons to book a roof inspection first.

Is Your Roof Putting Off Potential Buyers?

If you want a quick sale (e.g. you’ve seen a house you’d like to put an offer on), ensure you understand what can deter potential buyers. The outside of your property is one of the first things prospective buyers will see when viewing your home online and in-person. A roof that’s covered in moss, has a crumbling chimney stack or visible storm damage could leave them feeling like there’s lots of maintenance to address while reducing the kerb appeal of the property.

If you’re selling your home, here's why you need a roof inspection first. Ensure your roof doesn’t put off potential buyers. Address roof issues now. Ensure a smooth house sale. Add value to your home with modern roofing.Sort Roof Issues Now

If you know there are issues to repair, take the plunge and get them sorted now. The hassle and cost of roof repairs will often be lower than having buyers pull out of a sale due to unfixed roofing problems. As well as your pitched roofing, consider any flat roofs too, whether it’s your garage, porch or extension. If you’ve undergone a roof inspection and it’s shown no issues present, you could even have proof of this ready to reassure potential buyers. This can prevent delays further down the line and show you’ve not hidden anything from them.

By fixing problems, you can also prevent issues occurring which affect your property’s interiors. Signs of internal water damage from roof leaks are something which could be off-putting, and if you have plans to repaint before putting your home on the market, it’s a smart idea to check your roof is watertight before you start. This will reduce your stress and the cost of repairs during the house sale process.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

If your roof is nearing the end of its life and you know you may sell your home in the next few years, speak to a roofer about whether a replacement is required and if it could help add value to your property. If you switch to a modern roof, this could also enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior and prevent issues before they occur. Even if the tiles and slates on your pitched roof are still robust, you may need better insulation fitted internally, mould and damp addressed in the rafters or old felt replaced on a flat roof.

Modern roofing solutions could add value to your property. Buyers could also feel more encouraged to buy properties where there are few upgrades to pay for, especially if there’s a long-lasting roofing solution fitted which has only been recently installed.

Need a roof inspection?

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