Chimneys are set on the roof, well out of sight and for many people this means out of mind. If you don’t use your fireplace and do not intend to, it could be a good idea to have it capped. This means you are less likely to get problems with birds’ nests and other detritus falling down the open chimney. You need to make sure the chimney space is ventilated though, or you could have damp problems in the future; we can advise on this.

Chimneys need maintenance

As with most built structures, they need maintenance. If your chimney is brick-built, this should be minimal, but over time, there is wear and tear and heavy rainfall or storm brings its own problems that could affect your chimney. It’s a good idea to have it checked over annually, maybe when you have your gutters cleared. (We can do that for you too.)

Chimneys need checking after a storm

Although you may look from below and sigh with relief that your chimney has survived the night’s storm, there may have been damage you can’t see from the ground. Your chimney may have become unstable which is dangerous. If it falls and hurts someone, or does some damage, say to your neighbour’s car you are liable. If you get us on your radar, we can check your roof, guttering and chimney on a regular basis to give you peace of mind. At the same time, we can advise if work may be needed in the future.

Chimneys need re-flashing

Flashing is the metal cap that joins the chimney to the roof. It forms a watertight seal. Over time, the action of water and changes in temperature from winter to summer could affect the lead and it may need replacing. If you don’t replace the lead, water will eventually get into your roof space and could cause extensive damage.

Chimneys need re-pointing

The gaps between the bricks on your house are filled with mortar. Over time, especially if you face a strong wind and get a lot of rain, the spaces are eroded. This can enable water to get into the fabric of the building. On a chimney, it’s quite important as it’s often not seen until the water has been able to do quite a lot of damage. Again, we can check the health of your chimney while we are doing other roof inspection work for you.

Chimneys may need a cowl fitting

If you’ve ever rented a holiday home with a fireplace, lit it, and found the smoke blows into the room, it could be because the wind is in a certain direction and the chimney doesn’t have a cowl. To reduce the chances of this downdraught happening (and no one wants a room of smoke), we can fit a cowl for you. It will also stop birds nesting in the chimney and keep out the worst of the weather eg heavy snow and rain. The cowl can be removed for chimney cleaning.

We’ve pretty nifty with chimney and roof work and proud of our peerless track record. A family-run firm, we are friendly too. Do give us a call.