When thinking about roof replacements, the first thing that often comes to mind is new slates and tiles for pitched roofing. However, there are often several different areas of a home that you may want to upgrade. Re-roofing a home extension is a project undertaken by many property owners each year, but there are some considerations to think about for this type of project.Home extension roofing guides - Tips for re-roofing your extension

Why Re-Roof Your Home Extension?

There are lots of reasons you may want to replace the roof of your home extension. Older flat roofs which used poorer quality materials than modern solutions may have come to the end of their lifespan, especially if you’re having issues such as leaks or water pooling.

The material may have even started to look a little unsightly, or you’d like to upgrade the roof to let in more light from above. Speak to your roofer about the different options available, including adding rooflights and upgrading to a modern flat roof.

Check Building Regulations

The Government’s planning portal provides excellent guidance to help you plan any home improvement projects within allowed limits, and re-roofing part of your property is no different. Replacing the roof of your home extension will usually come under Building Regulation rules for re-roofing flat roofs, letting you know when permissions are required.

Most repairs won’t need Building Regulation approvals unless the flat roof replacement includes new integral insulation. In these cases, the structure’s thermal element must reduce the amount of heat originally lost through the old roofing, essentially upgrading it.

Choose New Flat Roof Materials

There are lots of solutions available when upgrading your extension’s roof, from rubber and GRP fibreglass to liquid roofing. If weatherproofing has been a problem, you could ask your roofer to look at aspects such as your lead flashings around joints to ensure they’re as weathertight as possible.

Factors to consider when replacing a flat roof with a modern material include the costs involved, the durability of each product (sometimes a long-term investment is better) and the overall look. You may even want to think about using materials with specific benefits such as enhanced waterproofing or a superior appearance.

Ask for a Professional Roof Survey

If thinking about re-roofing an extension, always as your roofer to perform an inspection or survey first. This will help you understand the condition of your existing roofing, as well as considerations for a new one. They may recommend some repairs instead if you only have a small budget for now, or give you some food for thought about the upgrades available. They’ll also be able to assess the job requirements more thoroughly, including any supporting frames, insulation and glazing needed.

Want to upgrade your home extension’s roof?

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