Lead flashing is a roofing solution designed to improve how well your roof is protected against the elements and can be used on pitched roofs, flat roofs or even domed roofs, making it an incredibly versatile feature. But how will installing this type of leadwork help property owners? Here’s everything you need to know.

How can lead flashing help your roof remain as weather resistant as possible? Read our expert roofing guide. Includes reducing costly issues, stopping leaks, maintaining your roof's lifespan & adding attractive roof features.Reduce Costly Issues

One of the key things we say to all our clients is that identifying issues early or preventing them from occurring in the first place is one of the easiest ways to save money on roofing work. While all roofs suffer wear and tear over time, one of the biggest reasons for this is their exposure to the elements, so it’s vital to make your roof as weather resistant as possible. Signs of deterioration to look out for include crumbling chimney stacks, leaks and cracks around roofing features. These can be stopped in their tracks by the installation of high-quality lead flashing.

Stop Leaks

A roof can sustain damage after incidents such as debris hitting the tiles in high winds and harsh weather conditions, including freezing temperatures and heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, this can affect how waterproof your roof is. If any moisture gets into your home through gaps, it can cause problems such as damp, mould and rotting timber within your roofing structure. In the worst cases, you may even experience leaks which can cause damage within your property. The main culprits for entry points include joints around features such as your chimney stack. Lead flashings help seal these areas fully while directing water away from your property.

Maintain the Lifespan of Your Roof

The qualities of lead ensure that its installation helps a roof to become much more durable, maintaining its condition so you don’t have to replace it sooner than you should. It’s a high quality, strong and solid material which is chosen for its ability to resist corrosion and can even provide other benefits such as sound and heat insulation for your home. It adapts to all weathers and temperatures thanks to its ability to contract and expand as required during seasonal changes.

Add Attractive Finishes

As well as being highly functional, lead flashings can provide an attractive finish around your roofing structures, giving the entire roof a makeover. This is a great solution where a tired looking roof is having a negative effect on how the outside of your property looks or even for creating a cleaner looking finish on new roofs. Not only that, but it’s a material which is easy to maintain, helping the updated appearance of your roof to last longer than with lower quality materials.

Find Leadwork Services

Here at South Thames Roofing, we offer a range of lead roofing services across South London and Surrey areas such as East Sheen, Kingswood and Wallington. As part of these services, we specialise in chimney flashing installations. For free roofing advice and quotations, give our expert team a call on 0208 397 2900.