Have you thought about replacing fascias when repairing a damaged roof?

Roofing can suffer over time as general wear and tear develops or after severe weather causes damage. This could be anything from airborne debris hitting the roof and causing issues to ice expanding in small cracks. In these cases, professional roof repairs are often required as quickly as possible to prevent further problems such as leaks.

However, have you considered replacing your roof fascias at the same time? Here’s why it could be a great idea.

Fascia and Soffits Repair Surrey

Fascia and Soffits Replacement Surrey

Why Replace Fascias?

Your roof’s fascias are integral to its structure, so it’s vital to look after each aspect of your roofline. Fascias work together with soffits to help promote good rainwater drainage, support tiles, reduce condensation and protect other property features, not to mention the kerb appeal they bring to your home.

There are several reasons you would need new roof fascias. If they’re attached to older properties, you may have noticed issues such as cracks or flaking paint, or perhaps your roof damage is related to deterioration along your roofline. In older homes, fascias may have been made from materials (e.g. wood) that can rot and show signs of damp forming, so they need regular inspections.

Smart Roof Repairs

If you have both roof damage and need other aspects of your roof updating, it’s a good idea to get both jobs done at the same time. There will often be overlapping tasks for both, including repairs to damaged joints. The last thing you want to do is get your roof repairs sorted, only for a poor quality roofline to continue causing problems.

Fascias and soffits can be replaced with much higher quality materials to prevent future damage, as well as prolonging the life of your roofing. One of the most popular choices when upgrading fascias is uPVC. This highly water-resistant material won’t rot, flake or fade in colour over time and comes in a multitude of styles to suit your property. UPVC can even mimic the appearance of timber to create an attractive look.

Cost Saving

One of the biggest concerns we hear when speaking to homeowners is the price of roof repairs, especially when you need a lot of work done. However, you can often save money by grouping jobs together. It may help to cut down on the cost of materials and labour for individual repairs.

You should also consider rising costs in the future, and how delays to some repairs could risk other areas of your roofing being damaged, meaning you’d have to pay out to rectify these too.

Speak to your roofer about how conducting the roof repairs and fascia replacements together could help to save you money.

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