When choosing the best roof for your property, you want to know it ticks the boxes on your wish list, from durable roofing materials to attractive design.

Whether replacing an existing roof or building a new one for an extension, tiles are one of the most popular options. But which roof tiles are best? Here are some pro tips to help you make the right decision.

What are the best roof tile materials?

A firm favourite for UK homes, clay tiles are commonly used for roof replacements. You’ll have seen their classic orange and red tones on roofs across the country. Clay tiles are often chosen for more complex roofs, and intricate designs are sometimes required around structures such as chimneys and skylights.

Concrete and metal are often cost-effective alternatives that can be manufactured to emulate the look of clay tiles. Specialist stone tiles can also be sourced for heritage style roofs.

Work closely with your roofing contractor to find a material that will complement your home’s brickwork and remain in keeping with neighbouring properties.

Are there different roof tile designs?

Luckily, roof tiles come in a wide variety of designs, giving you greater control over the aesthetics of your roofing. As well as rustic and modern appearances, tiles are created in lots of different shapes. This includes flat, round, s-shaped (e.g. pantiles) and curved tiles (e.g. double style roman).

You should also think about the most practical tiles for the roof design. For example, to prevent water pooling on low pitched roofs (as seen with garages and single-storey extensions), the best option may be tightly interlocked concrete tiles. The smoother the surface and closer the fit, the better the roof can drain water away from the property.

What about slates?

Roof tiles vs slates is a common debate when choosing replacement roofing. If you’re looking at new roof tiles, it’s always worth considering slates too.

The material and design selected can differ for specific projects, such as retiling heritage properties or creating the appearance of natural stone across a roofing surface. However, slates tend to come in standard grey or purple shades, so bear this in mind when designing your new roof.

Slates often have excellent durability and weather resistance, chosen for their longevity. They may come with a higher price tag than tiles, so always get quotes for both materials to compare prices. Clay tiles can also last for decades, so picking a suitable roof material will come down to personal choice.

Get expert advice when choosing roof tiles

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