A pitched roof is classic. It’s a structure that lasts, adds character to your home and brings with it some great benefits to the insulation and weather-proofing elements of your build. Pitched roofs can be constructed in minimal time, and require no extra treatment for weather resistance or proofing.

An impressive range of pitched roof services

We’re proud to offer an extensive range of services for pitched roofs. Our specialists are experts in roofs and the following is just a brief outline of some of the most popular services we deliver.

  • Installation of a new pitched roof – we’ll build your roof to add character and style to your home or commercial property. From start, to finish, we use the highest level of expertise and a broad range of versatile, quality materials.
  • Removal of a roof – we work quickly, tidily and efficiently to ensure safe and correct removal of your current pitched (or other) roof, leaving you with a clean, ready-to-build-on space and minimal disruption to other parts of the building.
  • Slate and tiles – If your pitched roof needs a make-over, look no further. We offer a varied selection of tile styles and shades to use on your roof.
  • Pitched roof repair – We’re experts in all elements of roof repair, and can guarantee a specialist repair service for any problems you may be experiencing.

Pick us for your pitched roof!

Whether you’re looking for a completely new pitched-roof, or repair to an existing one , we can guarantee a sound service from start to finish… delivered by a team you can trust.

People talk about our pitched roofs…

Our Checkatrade profile has a 5-star rating and reviews we’re proud of:

Our pitched roof re-covering was always going to be a challenge because of the restricted site access to our Scout and Guide HQ, working around existing users.  As it turned out this was compounded by frequent rain showers whilst the work was in progress. Despite these difficulties Stephen and his workforce managed to complete the work with no impact on our activities, leaving the site clean and clear after only a few days.  On top of this the cost was well within our budget and any concerns I had about the possible effect on our neighbours were quickly and effectively responded to.

Interested in a new pitched roof, or repair to an existing one? Speak to us today.

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