Being in a position where you need a roof repair is likely to be an incredibly stressful time, with it affecting you financially and even emotionally. To ensure you aren’t putting yourself or your home under any undue stress, a roof repair is something you should arrange to be completed as quickly as possible.

For this reason, having home insurance is critical. Despite home insurance not being a legal requirement, it is a vital part of property ownership as it can act as a security net in times of crisis.

If you’re making a claim for roof repairs, there are a few things that your insurance provider will need to consider before giving you any money back. These are:

  • The age of the damaged roof
  • The condition that the roof was in prior to damage
  • The cause of the damage

The age of your roof

A roof that is 10 years old or less is normally considered relatively new. However, the extent of the damage to your roof is likely to be affected by the age. What this means is that having an older roof on your property might mean you get less money when claiming on your home insurance.

Condition of roof

If your roof is more than ten years old and well-maintained, you’ll be relieved to know that you can get more coverage in terms of insurance money. However, insurance providers will want to see proof of maintenance, such as receipts from roofing companies for things like cleaning and touch ups.

Cause of damage

The cause of the damage is the most important factor of any roof claim. This is because some types of damage are not covered by most home insurance policies. The type of damage that insurance companies do cover is caused by natural disasters such as fires, floods, fallen trees, and other external causes, such as vandalism. It will not cover you for things like damage caused by your own self.

When taking out a home insurance policy, it is well worth looking into what type of damage is covered.

After your insurance company has established the cause of damage, they will award you with some money to help you pay for the repairs. In some cases, you’ll get the full amount, but this is not common. Most home insurance payouts only cover partial costs. You’ll normally only get the full amount if your roof was new, in excellent condition, or if the cause of damage is included in your coverage.

In extreme cases, such as when you need an entire roof replacement, your insurance provider will look at things like the extent of the damage done to your roof and any proof that supports the need for a full replacement. For example, if the cost of repairing parts of the roof individually outweighs the cost of replacing the whole roof entirely, your provider is more likely to pay for an entire replacement.

Estimation of costs

Before you can get anywhere with your insurance provider, you must first put together an estimation of costs from a reputable roofing company. Almost like a quote, many roofing companies can provide this as a free service. They also often have a lot of insurance expertise, which can be a great help in times of making a claim.

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