While modern roof materials have transformed the industry, roofing is still a continually evolving sector. From finding ways to expand their lifespan to ensuring roofs insulate your home as much as possible, there are plenty of ways property owners are improving on their existing roofing. As we look ahead to the upcoming year, here are some of the roofing trends we can expect to see in 2020.

Professional roofing guides: top roofing trends for 2020 explainedSustainable Roofing

The environment is a huge issue, affecting every industry and home. Roofing is no different, and this year, we expect to see more eco-friendly solutions and sustainable roofing continue to grow in popularity. Environmentally conscious property owners will be interrogating their decisions and the products they buy, finding ways to limit their impact on landfill. This includes reusable materials, which can be recycled when no longer required.

We’ll be seeing more products emerge which put greener roofs at their heart, including solutions which help to conserve energy in the home and more ways to ensure the roofing trade lowers its carbon emissions. We’ll also continue to see a rise in roofs which help to generate energy too, such as those which offer the perfect base for features such as solar panels to be installed.

Roof Upgrades

As climate change is one of the top trending topics in many sectors, the way the weather affects roofs will be discussed in 2020. This includes how the harsher weather is going to change roofing, from its deterioration to how materials are responding when faced with higher temperatures and more extreme elements. The roofing industry will be keeping an eye on how the quality of roofing becomes more of a priority for homeowners rather than cost. As older roofing comes to the end of its life, many will look for roof upgrades which have much longer warranties than previous products.

New Build Roofing Standards

In November 2019, government data showed housebuilding in England is at a 30-year high with hundreds of thousands more homes in the pipeline each year. This means we’ll continue to see new build homes requiring roofs, so this will be a service that’s high in demand for many local roofing companies.

As well as Building Regulations for new roofs, companies involved in the building of new homes must continue to keep on top of legislative changes with the NHBC (National House Building Council). The NHBC 2020 edition has now been released which has several changes, including fixing requirements for lateral restraint straps for pitched roofing.

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