Preparing for the winter weather and protect your roof in SurreyYour roof is exposed to all sorts of weather during the year, from excessive rain and scorching sun to high winds and freezing temperatures – all of which can come and go in an instant. The UK’s bizarrely unpredictable climate is tough on our roofs and, if not protected against, can cause them to weaken over time. The winter months are particularly plagued with roofing issues, as homeowners start leaks that need repairing urgently or horrible draughts that are making the house cool down rapidly. This is not necessarily because the winter has caused the damage, but rather because it has exposed existing weaknesses.

Unlike countries that have to deal with long months of below-zero temperatures, ice and snow, the UK’s winter weather is probably not capable of doing much immediate damage on its own. The constant expansion and contraction caused by relentless ice and snow can cause roof tiles, shingles and joints to weaken, which can lead to structural damage – but, as mentioned, this is unlikely to occur in the UK. It is usually only when roofs have existing issues (for example, loose roof tiles, blocked guttering, pooling water or damaged water-proof lining) that they start to experience problems during the cold, damp winter months.

The best way to protect your roof over winter is to check thoroughly that there are no repairs needed. You can do this yourself, or hire a roofing professional to do it for you.

Ensure your roof tiles are secure and intact

As the aspect of your roof that is most exposed to the weather, your roof tiles need to be in good condition so that they can properly protect your house. If any of them are broken, cracked, loose or misaligned, this could make your property vulnerable to leaks or eventual structural damage. Replacing a couple of roof tiles can be quick and affordable, and will ensure you don’t experience any leaks, damp patches or draughts during the winter.

Clear blockages from your guttering and downpipe

When your guttering and downpipe are blocked with debris (such as moss and leaves), they are not able to drain rainwater as efficiently as they should. In winter, this is worsened by the possibility of ice, frost and snow, which can cause the debris to freeze, and the pipes to expand and crack. Clearing your guttering and downpipe will take you about 30 minutes (or less if you hire an expert), but can make a real difference to your roof’s health this winter.

Here at South Thames Roofing, we can help you ensure your roof is in perfect condition to tackle the UK’s winter weather. If you live in Surrey or South London, contact us today.