Replacing a roof is a big job but when it needs replacing, that is what you should do. Although it is possible to do temporary fixes, in the scheme of things, roofs have a finite life expectancy and continuing to do patch work once it has reached the end of its life could prove to be a false economy.

Freak storms (remember 1989?) wreak havoc on roofs and chimneys. No matter how well you look after your roof, sometimes nature plays its part. Storm damage is often covered by insurance. If you live in a rainy area or one that has stormy weather, your roof will not fare as well as a roof positioned in a sunny, sheltered spot.

What sort of roof do you have?

Flat roofs are usually found on garages, extensions and perhaps a home office. They don’t last as long as a pitched roof as they are made from material (usually felt or similar) with a shorter life, plus water tends to collect, rather than drain off, encouraging the roof material to deteriorate.  A good flat roof should last for 10 to 15 years, depending on the standard of work of the job in the first place. The good news is flat roofs are relatively cheap and easy to replace.

Pitched roofs are normally found on the largest part of the house and the pitch (or slope) helps to keep water (and snow) off. They are commonly covered with tiles or slate or more modern materials. A good traditional roof should last for 50 years or more. For modern roofs, it could be around 30 years, so once it’s done, you won’t have to worry about it for a while.

Thatched roof. If you have a country cottage style thatched roof, you need to go to a specialist company. Master thatchers are highly sought after as it’s a declining trade.

What to watch out for if you think your roof needs replacing

Once you know how old your roof is, if it’s near the end of its natural life, stay vigilant.  Obviously, leaks in the ceiling could indicate a faulty roof, but instead of waiting for it to be a problem, you could always ask us to take a look. It’s hard to tell what the condition of the roof is without having a close inspection, which is what we would do. If you have a few loose tiles or the chimney stack needs re-flashing, these are all things we could sort out for you.

The advantage of a new roof

We can replace your roof with like for like tiles or newer (and often cheaper) materials depending on your preference. We will guide you as to the best option. The cost of regular patching jobs adds up and there does come a time when you have to bite the bullet and get a new roof. For peace of mind, we suggest you get a local company you can trust who specialise in roofing work.