While roofing repairs are common, there may come a time when a property owner needs their flat roof completely removed. This could be causing you some concern, especially if it’s part of building work taking place at your home. However, if you use a reliable roofing company, they can make things as easy as possible for you.

Why do you need your flat roof removed? Find out more from an expert roofing company in Surrey & South London. Includes information for how long it takes to remove a roof & new, high quality flat roof materials to consider.When to Remove a Flat Roof

Flat roofs may need completely removing if you’re planning a restructure of your property. For example, perhaps you’re building a brand new home extension, or you’re converting a garage area. The removal takes the roof back to its original state, ensuring as much of the underlying structure is left as needed for the building work. This often requires roofers and builders to liaise closely, so a good tip is to find a roofing company who has experience with the project you’re undertaking such as extensions.

Does It Take Long?

Luckily, removing a flat roof shouldn’t take very long at all, especially if you use a roofer who offers this as a specialist service. They’ll have the experience to know exactly what’s required and identify any potential delays. They’ll need to make sure the area is safe and they have the right access, but they can assess this when they first come out to see you. They may be able to remove the roof using ladders or in more complex projects, erect scaffolding. If your flat roof has become dangerous or spans over a large area, it may take a little longer to remove, and they will also consider other features such as attached guttering, for example, and whether they need removing too.

What Happens Next?

Once your existing roofing has been cleared, your builders will be able to continue their work. Some people choose the re-install their roofing if there’s been few changes, but the chances are, you’ll need a new flat roof installed. Any gravel or chipping material can be reused of course, and much or the old roofing can be recycled. You may have found your past flat roof material to be suitable or perhaps you’d prefer something different on the new structure. Options include RubberBond, lead, GRP fibreglass and liquid roofing. It’s important to ask your roofer about the advantages of each and which would be best to suit your needs. You may decide on a different option depending on the planned use of the space below, the type of elements it’s likely to face (e.g. is your local area prone to high rainwater levels?) and your budget.

Flat Roof Removal Service

If you need your flat roof repaired, replaced or installed, South Thames Roofing can help. We offer specialist flat roof services and can even supply high quality scaffolding to keep your project on track. We regularly work with contractors around South London and Surrey areas (including Cheam, Claygate and Earlsfield) on a wide variety of projects which require flat roofs to be removed. Call now on 0208 397 2900 for a chat with our friendly team about what you need.