You might be wondering exactly what it means to have an energy efficient roof, since they don’t require any energy to do their job. However, what this means is that the roof is adequate enough to ensure other elements of your home perform with optimum efficiency. This could include your windows, insulation and any other investments you’ve made to keep your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Roof efficiency

What makes a roof efficient?

There are several factors to be considered when weighing up what makes a roof energy efficient. These include things like:

The colour of your roof 

While darker tiles will absorb heat and keep your house warmer, lighter-coloured tiles will reflect it and keep you cooler in warmer weather.

Attic insulation

Good quality roof insulation will ensure that the warm air produced by your heating system isn’t escaping through any gaps or holes in the insulation layer. As a rule, attic insulation should be replaced every 15-20 years, depending on its condition.

The materials used 

In the same way the colour of your roofing shingles has an impact on how energy efficient your roof is, the type of material they are made from will, too.  You can usually choose between slate and tile when it comes to roofing options, with each available in various colours and finishes.

Adequate ventilation

While you don’t want the air escaping in large volumes, some ventilation is important for a healthy, hygienic and safe home. This will allow stale air a way out, while circulating fresh air through the home.

Why does energy efficiency matter?

An energy-efficient roof matters in terms of keeping your home as economical and environmentally friendly as possible. When it comes to using your heating or air conditioning, an efficient roof will help you keep costs down and eliminate the need for excessive artificial heat or cold air.

Ensuring your roof ticks all of the above boxes will also mean you’re taking protective measures for the health of you and any loved ones living in the property with you. Poor energy efficiency, and things like inadequate ventilation, can lead to health problems, as well as other costly property issues such as damp or rot.

How to make your roof more energy efficient

Making your roof more energy efficient is often an essential investment that will add value to both the property and your quality of life. South Thames Roofing is on hand throughout south London and Surrey to provide expert roofing services to areas such as Battersea and Roehampton, working on everything from flat fibreglass roofs to pretty pitched roofs on period properties.

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