When looking at different roofing trends, it can be easy to only focus on new products hitting the market, rather than emerging changes with the existing roofing we have. However, with climate change such a hot topic, it’s essential we look at how this could affect our roofing. Some scientists feel properties in the UK aren’t adequately prepared to withstand many of the changes to come.

Here’s some food for thought when it comes to environmental changes and the state of your roof.

UK roofing solutions - The impact of climate change on our roofingExtreme Weather & Roof Damage

The UK is facing extreme elements at a noticeable level in recent years, from nationwide flooding and storms to some of the biggest heatwaves we’ve had for years. Severe weather such as strong winds, snow and heavy rainfall can all test how weatherproof our roofs genuinely are. They can even sustain damage from airborne debris which a roof wouldn’t usually come into contact with in calmer weather. This could reduce the lifespan of your roofing as any deterioration becomes more significant. It could also accelerate other issues such as rapid algae growth, expanding cracks and the ability of roofers to work safely. Consider this when choosing roofing materials and techniques, whether you’re involved in new build property construction or are considering a roof replacement.

Temperature Changes

With the weather in the UK hitting such extremes, it means our roofs could be facing a broader temperature range than they’re used to. This may cause a rise in things like condensation levels, as well as the expansion and contraction of roofing materials, which could lead to warping and structural damage. Weather such as stronger UV exposure may even start to cause shrinkage as roofing dries out. As UK roofs are tested, the true impact is going to be clearer, so it’s vital the roofing industry keeps up with the demand for higher-quality roofing.

Vulnerable Roofing Features

There are some common issues which get reported after extreme weather, including flat roof leaks and missing roof tiles. This highlights the need to combat problems as soon as they’re noticed. A solution is to book regular roofing inspections, whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial roof. We may even start to see changes in building standards for features such as roof drainage or tiles used, preventing many of these problems occurring so regularly.

Choosing Sustainable Roofing

Thanks to some of the problems we’ve discussed here, there’s a rise in eco-friendly roofing solutions entering the market. While green roofs (including recyclable materials) are a great way to lessen your impact on the environment, this shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of quality roofing.

Are you concerned about your roof?

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