Commercial buildings need roof maintenance all year round

Commercial buildings need roof maintenance all year round

London’s business premises are constantly at risk from fire, theft and damage. For industrial companies, a secure roof is essential to keep your equipment safe and dry. Domestic roofing companies don’t have the necessary expertise to deal with industrial premises, but it’s one of the many specialist services that we offer to our clients in the London and Surrey area.

South Thames Roofing handles the replacement and repair of roofs on industrial premises, including pitched roofs, asbestos tiles, glazing and fibreglass. If you’ve noticed a fault with the roof on your building, read on for our recommendations, and don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Don’t ignore a damaged roof

The roof of a building is an essential part of the structure. It keeps the contents safe and ensures the building is watertight. If the roof develops a fault, your stock and equipment could be at risk, and it could pose a threat to health and safety if the roof were to collapse. Even a small fault can cause serious injury.

If the worst happens and the roof fault becomes more urgent, you’ll probably have to pause operations while we inspect and repair the damage. It pays to deal with a problem quickly to keep problems and disruption to a minimum.

On many of our solutions, we can offer lengthy guarantees to protect your investment. For example, a new fibreglass roof could come with a 25-year guarantee, keeping your business secure, and ensuring ongoing costs are reduced.

Competitive pricing

Many businesses in London put off getting their roof repaired because they fear the potential cost of the work. We work with small and large businesses all over London, and our prices are affordable to everyone.

Our experienced roofing contractors work with flat roofs, felt and asphalt materials, guttering, glazing and lead work. We can repair everything from pointing and flashing to serious problems with slates, siles and roofline.

Our number one priority is to keep your business working, so that the impact of any downtime is decreased. Whether the repairs are minor, or require extensive works, we achieve the same high quality and low prices. We can even quote for full roof replacement if your roof is beyond repair.

Get a quote

Winter brings all kinds of perils to our roofs, and business premises are just as vulnerable as domestic properties. If you spot the first signs of roof damage, don’t leave it until the next major storm before you take action. South Thames Roofing will immediately send a specialist in industrial roofing, and we can quote for repairs or refurbishments the same day.

If your roof can be repaired, we’ll recommend ways to extend its life without compromising quality or safety. From single ply roofs to asbestos cement construction, our advice and expertise can’t be beaten.

South Thames Roofing’s friendly team will call round to inspect at a time to suit you. We cover London and the south east of England, so don’t hesitate to get in touch when you need work on your industrial roof.