From commercial flat roofs to those commonly installed over extensions or garage areas, this popular choice is a practical, cost-effective alternative to traditional pitched roofing. However, with any roofing you have, it’s important to schedule regular inspections to identify problems early. But are there some issues more commonly found during flat roofing inspections? Here are some of the things your roofer may discover.

Flat roofing guides for property owners - issues found during inspectionsWater Pooling

Unlike pitched roofing which has a steep slope to help with water run-off, a flat roof needs a little more help. A good roofer will know how to install a flat roof at a slight angle to help with this, as well as adding other features such as robust guttering systems. During a flat roof inspection, one issue which may be flagged up is water pooling. This is where the water has gathered in small puddles and isn’t draining or evaporating away. While high-quality flat roofing materials should be able to withstand this weight, it may lead to deterioration and leaks if you don’t address the issue. An expert roofer can identify why this is happening and offer solutions. It may be something as simple as clogged gutters or your flat roof needs re-pitching or levelling.

Tears & Blistering

While modern flat roofing materials are often strong, resilient and long-lasting, if inferior quality products were used or the installation wasn’t carried out as well it could’ve been, you may identify tears or cracks have started to appear. This is bad news for flat roofs as it’s easier for water to get into these spaces and damage your interiors. Older felt flat roofs might even have deteriorated over the years, or the cracks may have been caused by the movement of the building. While tears can be repaired, sometimes the best option is to replace your flat roof completely. High-quality, durable options include rubber roofing, GRP fibreglass, lead and liquid roofing. Also, be aware of ‘alligatoring’ which is where too much exposure to the sun has left materials starting to blister.


One of the issues your roofer may spot which you haven’t been able to see from the ground or above is the presence of debris. This may have build-up over time on your flat roof, especially if there’s lots of trees and vegetation nearby. Anything heavy could cause problems. Although modern flat roofs should be able to take the weight, if you’ve noticed any buckling, it may be an indication of other issues present. Most roofers will be happy to clear the debris for you, especially if it’s blocking their view of any part of the roof.

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