Keep chimney stacks well maintained at all times

Keep chimney stacks well maintained at all times

Chimney stacks are delightful, charming and distinctive features of many period homes, and can tell you a lot about the history of a property. Each era introduced new styles and building technologies in architecture and roofing, and chimney stacks were integral to this. While Tudor chimneys are tall, thin and elaborate, Elizabethan chimney stacks are square at the base, and designed to imitate classical columns. Georgian homes typically feature two symmetrical chimney stacks (to reflect the two fireplaces indoors), while Victorian and Edwardian chimneys use contrasting bricks to highlight their strong, dramatic lines.

If your period property features an original chimney stack, or you’re thinking of having a chimney installed in your home, then it’s essential to seek expert help about how to look after it properly. Professional roofers can provide specialist cleaning, maintenance and repairs to ensure that your chimney stack (and the rest of the property) is structurally sound, and can function to its full potential. If your chimney needs a repair, then expert roofers can source the exact materials and styles needed to replicate the original design.

What kind of maintenance do chimney stacks require?

Chimney stacks are usually the tallest parts of buildings, which means that they are fully exposed to the British weather. Over time, it is likely that your chimney will encounter some wear or damage. This means that you may need to have the stack repointed to ensure that it is properly secured to the roof, and that the brickwork is safe, strong and looks attractive. The age of some properties also means that, in many cases, the chimney stacks lean. While this is not necessarily a problem, it is a good idea to hire a roofer to take a look, as they will be able to implement solutions to ensure the chimney stack does not tumble in the future.

Another issue that homeowners might encounter with fully functioning chimneys is the erosion of the chimney stack from the inside. As the smoke rises through the flue, the gases can gradually eat away at the brick over many years, leaving it weakened and vulnerable to damage. This can be easily repaired by expert roofers. As well as this, period chimneys may require solutions for stopping rainwater from soaking through the roof, as they are not typically fitted with damp-proofing technology. If you notice damp patches in your ceilings, then your chimney may be the cause, and you should call a roofer immediately.

As well as having your chimney stack checked by a professional, the simplest way to maintain it is to keep your chimney as clean as possible. This means having it swept regularly, and burning dry woods to reduce the tar build-up in the flue. This will enable you to enjoy your beautiful chimney stack for years to come.

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