With the price of living going up, homeowners often look for ways to save money and lower their outgoings. When it comes to property maintenance, such as roofing work, it’s a worry about how much services will cost.

However, there are lots of ways you can lower your roofing costs this year, so follow these thrifty tips to maintain your roof within a budget.

What should you do if you spot roof damage?

One of the biggest expenses a homeowner pays towards their roof’s upkeep is repairs. This often occurs after the damage has been left unnoticed or smaller issues have developed into something more serious over time. For example, a minor fault, such as loose flashing that needs securing, could start to affect the stability of other structures (e.g. a chimney) or the water-tightness of the roof.

Even if the roof repairs remain simple, you may have to factor in the cost of solutions to rectify water ingress in your home, such as damp in your loft or replacing items damaged by water leaks.

You can save time, stress and money by scheduling regular inspections of your roof to nip any problems in the bud as early as you can. You should also get to know your roofing (from the ground) so that you recognise when something has changed (e.g. a missing roof tile).

What are the cheapest roof materials?

Whether replacing a flat roof or upgrading traditional pitched roofing, there’s always a balance to strike between keeping a project within budget and ensuring a roof is of high quality.

As well as workmanship, the roof materials you choose can have a significant impact on your roofing costs. Always ask your roofer to provide information about the different materials available for the work so that you can weigh up the pros and cons of each option. For example, if clay roof tiles are your material of choice, you may decide that concrete tiles look very similar while providing a cost-effective alternative.

Who should you hire for roofing work?

While it’s a good idea to get several quotes from different roofing contractors if there’s work to be completed, never save money by hiring someone unqualified for the job. Always check you’re using an accredited roofer, or you may end up paying more further down the line to fix the poor quality work they’ve produced.

You can lower your roofing costs by using a reputable contractor who offers free inspections and quotes, as well as competitive rates.

Get a free, competitive quote from your local roofing contractor

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