Match existing roof tiles

Match existing roof tiles

In the excitement of renovating and extending, it’s an easy mistake to make. We get preoccupied with the interior, and worry about designing the space. We think about how it is going to look, where we will have the doors, windows and access, and where appliances will go. Plenty of time is spent choosing colours, interior decorations and even window furnishings. But what about the outside?

Most of all, what about the roof on your new extension? Are the roof tiles going to match those on your existing home, or are you just going for the cheapest or easiest option? When you come to sell, you might regret your decision.

Why match the tiles?

When you are extending your house, in order for it to look like part of the original, everything should match. That goes for windows, doors, bricks and yes, the roof tiles.

When you applied for planning permission from your local council, they will almost certainly have stipulated that everything should match. When you call in builders to give you quotes to carry out the work, make sure that they take this on board. If the company is professional and experienced, they should know this anyway.

Beware of cheap and cheerful ‘cowboy’ builders who may try and cut costs and corners by covering your new roof with the cheapest material available, paying no heed to the necessity of tiles giving a uniform look.

What if the tiles don’t match?

So what happens if your extension is finished and it is not what you expected?

Worst of all, what if the roof tiles do not match those on the existing house?

You need to go back to basics; check out the paperwork and the contract that you signed and see what tiles were ordered. Is it a delivery error or contractor mistake?

Don’t feel that a mismatch will be overlooked. When your local council Building Control department visit the site to sign off the new works, you can expect them to pick up on flaws straight away: it’s what they’re trained to look for. In a conservation area, or on a listed building, expect building control officers to be even more picky.

If the works are deemed unacceptable, or deviating from original plans, you’re left with a huge problem. You may potentially be left with a huge hole in the roof, too. You may actually have to strip the roof and re-tile it with the correct materials – and who’s going to pay for that?

How to prevent this happening

House renovations are never cheap. In an era of recession and credit crunch, we’re all looking for ways to cut corners. But the fabric of the building needs to be sound, of a good quality, and presentable enough to pass local authority checks. If you need to save, economise elsewhere.

If in doubt, check with a reputable, professional and skilled builder or roofing company. South Thames Roofing covers the whole of the Surrey and South London area and provides a complete roofing and consultancy service for domestic extensions and renovations. Whether you want a new roof, repairs or even Velux windows in your new extension, we provide the whole package.