Call in the experts when dealing with any roof repair

Call in the experts when dealing with any roof repair

We’re big advocates of DIY around the home, particularly for small jobs and cover-ups. But there are a few jobs best left to the pros. You probably wouldn’t tamper with the mains electricity, or try to fix a gas leak without professional help. For similar reasons, you shouldn’t climb onto your roof and start attempting DIY repairs.

Whether your roof is sloped or flat, and regardless of what it’s made of, we must stress that you should call out a professional company to investigate suspected problems. Here are some of the safety guidelines we follow.

The right tools

When working on a property, it’s important to use appropriate products and tools. Many of the finishes, sealants and solvents that are used in DIY jobs are highly flammable, and proper management is a simple case of Health and Safety in practice.

South Thames Roofing’s team has the right equipment, including quality roof ladders, industrial face coverings, non-conductive equipment and protective outer clothing. We also know when it’s appropriate to use certain devices, like gas torches, and when to leave well alone.

Unless you’re completely confident that you’re not going to set fire to something, don’t even try to fix it. And if the roof repair is extensive, call out a firm who will erect scaffolding before they even go near it.

Patience and time

Many roofing jobs take considerable time to complete. There may be a period where the roof needs to dry for example, and some jobs should not be carried out in the rain. For the hurried DIYer, there’s a temptation to accelerate the process, but that can be a bad mistake – and it can spoil your investment.

If you get into the habit of regularly inspecting the roof (without the need to repair anything), you can call us out as soon as you spot a problem, which usually means we can fix it swiftly before it escalates. We will also leave adequate time to get the job done properly, without compromising our safety or yours.

Physical health

It doesn’t take a mastermind to figure out that climbing at height is dangerous. Even with a roof ladder and a hard hat, this kind of work demands good physical fitness, balance and core strength. The last thing you want is to struggle up to the roof, climb on to it, then realise you can’t get back down.

Our team is used to carrying heavy objects at height, along sloping surfaces and up ladders. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt any of these things in a DIY project, and certainly not without a companion to help.

Estimates say that more than 70 professionals die in the US each year after falling off a roof. The figures for amateurs are not worth thinking about. Don’t risk it.

The alternative

Instead of taking a risk, hire an affordable firm like us to carry out roof repairs in Balham for you. You’ll benefit from their expertise, and you won’t cause harm to yourself or your property. Call South Thames Roofing today and find out just how inexpensive your repair could be.