Choosing tiles for your roof is not just about the look you want to achieve: you’ve also got to consider your budget, the requirements of your roof, and how much maintenance you can afford to commit to. Narrowing down your options is relatively straightforward if you’re restricted in any of these areas; if not, then you’re free to pick the style of tile that you find most attractive. Here are the most popular pitched-roof tiles for modern homes in Surrey.

Natural slate

It’s hard to find a roofing material that looks as sleek, smart and fine as natural slate. Produced in UK quarries, slate can often come with top-end prices, but you get what you pay for: slate is an immensely strong, long-lasting and high-quality building material, and has been hugely popular for making roof tiles in Europe since the 1870s. Slate is now imported from around the world, so its quality and price can vary. Whether you’re a DIY roofer or are paying for installation, it’s a good idea to talk to the experts before purchasing slate tiles.

Clay tiles

The oranges and browns of clay tiles offer an attractive finish for any roof, and have a traditional charm that will bring your home to life. Handmade clay tiles are still manufactured in workshops around the UK, though you can easily buy cheaper machine-made clay tiles from most hardware stores. As well as being incredibly durable and weather-resistant, clay roofs are effective at reflecting heat – increasing your roof’s energy efficiency.

Stone tiles

If you own a period property, there’s a chance that the roof will be made of stone (usually sandstone or limestone). Living in Surrey, you will probably encounter planning or conservation restrictions if you want to replace or repair an original stone roof, so it’s best to leave it to the experts, who can help you adhere to guidelines and source the most suitable materials.

Cheaper alternatives

If you like the look of natural slate or clay, but are put off by the price tag that comes with it, then there are some excellent affordable alternatives available. Fibre-cement tiles can be finished to look just like slate, but will cost you a fraction of the price. They are also more uniform in shape and size, making them an ideal modern roofing material. Concrete tiling is another effective substitute, and can be manufactured in orange tones to imitate clay tiles. While these solutions cost less, they will not last as long as slate or clay tiles.

If you need tiles installing, repairing or replacing for your roof in Surrey, contact us at South Thames Roofing today. Our expert team will help you find the best option for your home.