If opting for a roof replacement or you’re giving your pitched roof a makeover, you can update the look of your property with the right choice of slates or tiles. Not only are these the ideal features to make your roof as weather proof and watertight as possible but can ensure the outside of your home looks great too. But what’s the difference between them? Here are some facts to consider.

Are you re-roofing your property or giving your pitched roof a makeover? Find out more about slates vs tiles. Includes property style, design choice, durability & cost. Find the ideal solution for your new roof now.Property Style

Slating roofing is made from natural stone and is often suited to properties which have heritage features, for example, thanks to their classic appearance. They help create an authentic look for older buildings which is great news for property owners who are worried about modernising a traditional looking roof. On the other hand, tiles are manufactured (usually from concrete or clay) and are perfect for modern roofs. However, they can look good on any style of home and can be customised to appear more rustic or contemporary, depending on what you need.

Design Choice

If you want a wider choice when it comes to shapes, textures and colours, tiles have more options. Slates tend to be greyish or purple shades and once laid, create a uniform look. While an expert roofer will still help you find a style that’s ideal for your property, tiles come in more designs. There’s greater choice when it comes to the various styles and patterns available, and smaller clay tiles can be used for the more complex roofs such as those with skylights or a chimney.


Both slate and tiles have a great lifespan if you choose high quality materials and an expert roofer to install them. For example, slate roofing must meet strict criteria to comply with British Standards, including their strength, freeze and thaw cycles and discolouration. Slates do provide unparalleled durability and weather resistance, but tiles are incredibly resilient too, often lasting 50 years before they come to the end of their lifespan.


Luckily, slate in the UK is of some of the highest quality you’ll find, but it may come with a higher price tag than tiles do. However, while the initial cost to install can be higher in some cases, their longevity means you may face fewer repairs over the years than tiles. Tiles are usually cheaper thanks to the ease of their installation, so you may find this type of roof replacement less hassle. Installation costs will increase for both if you choose layering techniques to increase weather protection, but again, this initial cost is often covered by the lack of repair costs further down the line.

Does your pitched roof need re-tiling?

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