Avoid trying to repair your own roof!

Avoid trying to repair your own roof!

Owning your own home is rarely cheap, and all kinds of problems are lurking above many owners’ rooflines. The roof is one area of the home that is difficult to monitor, yet can be catastrophically expensive when it’s time to carry out repairs.

When problems do happen, it’s tempting to try work on the roof solo, particularly if you’re a dab hand at DIY. But working at height is always risky, and there are many reasons why you should hire the pros instead. Here are just 5.

1. It’s Physically Tough

Working on a roof means working at height, often at an awkward angle, bearing the brunt of whatever the weather has to throw at you. Whether you’re battered with winds, a drizzly shower or a baking hot summer’s afternoon, exposure can really take it out of you if you’re not ready for the experience.

2. It’s Rarely Straightforward

Roofers are experienced in working on different types of houses, from listed buildings to new builds. Each one requires a different set of considerations and skills. When it comes to a roof, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to a problem, and that’s why professional experience is vital.

Getting the roof right is not easy for an amateur, and problems can be rarely be fixed after Googling around for a solution. You might also end up with a load of wasted materials that you can’t use for anything else.

3. It Costs More Than It Saves

We’re often called out to fix botched DIY jobs that initially seemed fine. As soon as the wind picks up, or the winter weather hits, all of that good work comes undone and the real damage starts to show.

DIY work done on the cheap can be expensive to fix, and not just because it makes a mess of the roof. If loose tiles or timber falls from the roof, it could damage your home or your car, or put a member of the public in danger. And if the DIY botch job falls apart unnoticed, you potentially have a huge damp problem on your hands.

4. It’s Unsafe

Forgive us for pointing this out, but it’s impossible to be too safe when working at height without the correct equipment and training. You may well have decent balance, and a good set of ladders, but lifting and carrying on a roof is a whole different matter.

This isn’t just about putting yourself at risk; it’s also about using time sensibly. If you have to work so slowly and gingerly that you barely get anything done, wouldn’t it be more sensible to pay a professional instead?

5. It’s Uninsured

Make a mess of your roofing project and you’ll only have yourself to blame. Your insurance company won’t pay out if you’ve made mistakes, and if you injure someone else, you could be liable for a claim in the millions. When you hire a roofer to do the work for you, they’ll have all the right insurance, and they’ll be obliged to carry out the job properly.

Hire the Experts

A professional roofing company may cost less than you think. Keep your feet on the ground and let them tackle the roofing on your behalf. For a quote and advice, contact South Thames Roofing, and let us take the stress and risk out of the job.