A high-quality, well-insulated roof is integral to an energy-efficient property that stays warm and comfortable all year round. As hot air rises, roofs are one of the greatest sources of heat loss within homes. Indeed, according to TheGreenAge, about 25 per cent of the heat in your home will escape through the roof. This heat loss can be slowed down significantly through proper insulation. Both flat and pitched roofs should have high-quality insulation to improve the efficiency of the property. Here’s everything you should know about flat roof insulation.

Flat roof insulation in New Malden & Surrey

Insulate your flat roof to reduce heat-loss

What is flat roof insulation?

Flat roof insulation is applied as a layer between your property’s ceiling and the roofing membrane. There are two main types: warm roof insulation and cold roof insulation. Warm roof insulation is the preferred choice for most roofing experts and homeowners, as it is effective at combatting condensation issues. The most common materials that are used for roof insulation are cellulose, fibreglass and mineral wool (the same as for pitched roofs).

Complying with the Building Regulations

The 2014 Building Regulations state the U-values that building materials must meet. A U-value relates to how effective an insulator a material is. The required U-value for new or replacement flat roofs is 0.20W/m2 – this refers to the rate of heat flow, in watts, through 1m2 of roofing material. The U-value reflects the increased heat retention capabilities of insulation over the years, which has led to lower energy bills and reduced CO2 emissions.

Does my flat roof need insulation?

Depending on the age of your property’s roof, you may need to have insulation installed or replaced. Older properties may be fitted with low-quality insulation. You will be able to tell, as you will have noticed a problem with how well your home holds heat. If you notice any draughts or cold spots, or have trouble keeping your home warm, then your roof may be the issue. Of course, it could also be to do with your wall insulation, windows or floors, so do keep this in mind. If in doubt, it is a good idea to contact roofing specialists like South Thames Roofing to advise you on whether you need to have flat roof insulation installed.

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