If you are having a flat roof installed, you have a lot of options to choose from in terms of materials – including felt, lead and bitumen. While these are all reliable roofing materials for flat roofs, there is another option that offers greater performance and durability: fibreglass. Here are five reasons that you may decide to install a fibreglass flat roof on your home.

Avoid leaky roofs fibreglass  roofing

Avoid leaky roofs fibreglass roofing

It is incredibly watertight

A fibreglass roof is expertly designed to protect your roof from water damage. It is applied as a liquid, which means that it can efficiently stop up all the gaps and joints to ensure no excess moisture can seep through. In fact, our fibreglass system of choice, CrysticROOF, states that it is specially manufactured to keep ‘the weather outside… outside’.

A fibreglass flat roof could boost your property’s value

As fibreglass flat roofs are guaranteed to prevent leaks for a minimum of 10 years (if applied by an expert contractor), they can add significant value to your home, which is ideal if you ever decide to sell your property. Having a durable, long-lasting and reliable flat roof in place will impress prospective homeowners as they will know that they will not have to pay out for costly improvements when they move in, or repairs in the near future.

Fibreglass is a low-maintenance option

A huge benefit of fibreglass is that, once it has been applied, it requires virtually no maintenance. This is because the material is designed to resist the build-up of organic debris like moss or algae. Also, unlike other roofing materials, it is not prone to cracking or rotting, which means that it can last for long periods of time without requiring checks or repairs.

It is long-lasting

Fibreglass is arguably the longest-lasting roofing material you can invest in. It should last you up to 25 years before any treatment is needed; after that amount of time, it will only need the gel coat (top layer) to be reapplied, and it should then last for another 20–25 years at least.

A fibreglass roof is cost-effective

Due to its ability to protect your underlying roofing materials, fibreglass is a cost-effective option for your roof. While it may cost slightly more than other roofing materials to begin with, this is made up for with the performance of the materials, which protect your roof so that costly repairs and replacements are not needed.

Here at South Thames Roofing, we deliver a CrysticROOF fibreglass option to keep your flat roof durable, watertight and in good condition for years to come. Contact us to find out more.