Your roof is integral to protecting your home from the elements and keeping you as warm and dry as possible. If it is functioning properly, then you may not even think about it. But, the moment there is a problem with the roof, you will know about it. Roofing issues don’t just stay outside – they also significantly affect the interior areas of your home and can have an impact on your day-to-day life. As such, it is important to get any roofing issues sorted by an expert roofer quickly. Here are just some if the signs that your roof needs expert attention.

Spotting a damaged roof in Surbiton

Can you tell when your roof is in need of repair?

There are damp patches on your ceiling

A roof is designed to keep moisture away from your internal walls and protect the building structure from water-related damage. If you notice damp patches or stains on your ceilings, then this could indicate that there is a problem with your roof – perhaps that there is a tear in the waterproof seal, or that your guttering is blocked and is causing water to build up on your roof. Another possibility is that moss and algae are getting into the gaps underneath the tiles or shingles, or that your chimney needs repairing or requires a damp-proofing solution.

Your home is cold and draughty

Your roof is responsible for about 25 per cent of your home’s heat loss. Heat also escapes through the walls, windows, doors and floors. If you are confident that your walls and floors are well-insulated, and that you have energy-efficient windows in place, but your home is still cold and draughty, then your roof could be the problem. It may simply need better insulation, or there may be a structural problem that is causing heat to escape rapidly.

There is noticeable damage

A clear sign that your roof needs expert attention is if there is noticeable damage on it. For example, you may see that some shingles or tiles are missing, or that there are distinctive cracks in the roofing materials. If left untreated, this could lead to further damage to the roofing membrane or structural aspects. By getting small bits of damage fixed as soon as you notice it, you may save yourself time and money further down the line.

You have plant life growing on your roof

Another common sign of roofing issues is when you notice plant life growing on your roof. Moss and algae tend to start growing when there is excessive moisture, so seeing such plant debris could indicate that there is pooling or rot on the roof. It is important to get an expert to look into this, as moss and algae can get into the roofing materials and start to lift them – leaving the underlying roofing materials exposed to the weather and vulnerable to damage.

If you notice any of the above at your home in West Molesey, Byfleet, Chelsea or a nearby area, please call South Thames Roofing. We will be able to give your roof the expert attention it needs.