How long does a roof repair or rebuild take?

How long does a roof repair or rebuild take?

Somewhere to rest your head at night, a well-stocked larder and a roof over your head – whether you live alone or with family, there are few things more essential to your wellbeing and health than these. So, when something as fundamental as the tiles over your head need repair work doing to them or your roof needs replacing entirely, it only stands to reason that you want to get the work done as quickly as possible.

All too often in our trade we see people putting off getting roofing work done because they think it’s going to cause a huge disruption to their daily lives. However, the longer you put it off, the worse things will get. So, here are some of the key factors that will determine how long replacing a roof will take.

What’s the job?

Although you might think that your roof needs completely replacing, it could be that a roof repair or partial reroofing is all that is required. Roofs, although built to last, undergo a lot throughout the year – by keeping on top of these smaller repairs that may only take a few hours, you can avoid having to completely reroof your home.
However, if after one of our team has assessed the situation it’s decided that a total replacement is essential, then there are a few factors that will affect how long the job takes.


Unfortunately, weather conditions do impact on roof work. Wind, snow and rain not only make it more dangerous to work, but, if worked through, the end result will not be as high quality as it should be – it’s far better for everyone involved to wait until conditions are safe to work in, ensuring that the job is completed without injury and to an excellent standard.

Project size

Do you live in a bungalow or a two-storey townhouse? Is it a flat roof that needs replacing or a pitched roof? Is it across the entire house or just in one section? All of these things will affect how long it takes for the work to be completed. Projects can take anywhere between three days and two weeks; until one of our professionals has talked through your needs, then putting a rigid time frame on how long the work will take is hard. This is one of the reasons that South Thames Roofing values communication so highly – by talking to you about exactly what it is that you want and need, we’ll be able to give you a realistic idea of how long the work is going to take to complete and how much it will cost.

What we can assure at South Thames Roofing is that we will be open and honest about how long a project will take. So, whether you’re in Teddington or Kingston upon Thames and need roof work undertaking then get in touch with the team at South Thames Roofing to learn more about how we can help you.