Being a roofer in Surrey can be a dangerous job!

Being a roofer in Surrey can be a dangerous job!

When it comes to home improvements, there are some tasks that are best left to the professionals. Anything to do with electrics should be out of bounds for an amateur, and messing around with gas definitely isn’t a good idea unless you know what you’re doing.

You might be surprised to learn that roofing is also considered to be dangerous; in fact, it’s ranked as one of the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world. Naturally, any work at height is dangerous, but you might not realise just how risky it can be.

The danger of working as a roofer

One-third of all fall fatalities in the USA are caused by falls from a roof. Simply placing your foot in the wrong place, or being caught in the rain, can be enough to turn a mishap into a fatality.

Fortunately, we understand the risks. All of our roofers wear the correct clothing for working outdoors and at height, and they have experience to know when the weather is too bad to continue the job. We have tools that facilitate safe working, and we follow best practice when positioning ladders and moving around on the roof.

The serious danger of working at height is the reason we don’t recommend you carry out your own roofing work, or hire a cowboy contractor. We also recommend that you find a competent professional that’s registered with trade organisations. Apart from anything else, having uninsured people on the roof of your home could spell disaster if an accident happens, both for the health of the individual, and for any legal cases that result.

Managing risk

Having roofing work done isn’t cheap, but it’s worth paying for the services of a professional. South Thames Roofing prides itself on quality service and a professional approach. We take our responsibilities seriously, and we understand our actions could affect the safety of your family as well as our team.

When it comes to pricing up roofline work, we always try to get our costs within your acceptable budget boundaries. If the labour pushes the price above your comfort zone, there are various ways to adjust the cost so you don’t have to spend more than you can afford. Simply switching materials, from copper to uPVC, can make all the difference to the cost, and is a far better compromise than trying to carry out work without the right safety experience.

Our team works to all current health and safety guidelines, and we have full insurance to cover us in case of an accident. That means we’re protected, and it also means you’re covered if a fall causes damage to your property.

Getting a quote

South Thames Roofing would be happy to visit and give you a no-obligation quote for work on your roof. It’s a much safer option than struggling to do work yourself, and we can do a survey with no further obligation. Contact our team to arrange a visit today.