Prevent heat loss through your damaged roof in SurreyWe all know that hot air rises. That’s why it’s so important for your roof to be properly protected against unnecessary heat loss. If warm air from your home is being lost through your roof, you will notice horrible draughts and cold spots, and you might even experience problems with damp. This will likely mean that you need to use the central heating more frequently, resulting in more expensive energy bills. Luckily, there are some simple ways that you can prevent heat loss through your roof, ensuring your home is warm, affordable to run and comfortable throughout the year.

Here are just some of them.

Insulate your loft

When you turn on the central heating in your home, a lot of thermal energy is lost through the roof of your property. This is the result of two main processes: convection (which is when heat is transferred through the air, and carried away from the heat source) and conduction (which is when heat is passed on through the physical contact of molecules).

The simplest way to prevent heat loss through your roof is to put insulation in the loft. Insulation reduces the amount of heat that is able to pass through the ceilings of your home, keeping it trapped within the living space and stopping it from being wasted in the loft. If you have ever been into a loft, you will have noticed that it is usually very cold!

There are many different types of insulation to choose from, but the best options are cellulose fibre, foam and fiberglass. Cellulose fibre is often the most affordable, as it is made from recycled paper. Foam is also an effective insulator, and can be installed as a liquid, which is sprayed into the loft and expands to seal any gaps, or as foam boards. Fiberglass is usually fitted in sheets, and can be purchased in a range of different shapes and sizes. If you are looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency then call in the roofing experts. We recently carried out a major overhaul on a roof repair job in Hampton and helped reduce the heat loss as a result

Check your roof and chimney for damage

Keeping your home warm and energy-efficient can only be achieved if your roof is intact. What might seem like a small amount of damage – for example, broken tiles, missing shingles or torn weatherproofing materials – can make a big difference to your home’s ability to retain heat. The same goes for the chimney: if it is not properly draught-proofed, has been damaged or it is just well-worn, then heat will escape easily. An expert roofer will be able to rectify these issues, and stop excessive heat loss from your roof and chimney.

Here at South Thames Roofing, we are experts in helping homeowners in Surrey and South London reduce heat loss with well-maintained roofs. Contact us today to find out more.