While flat roofs are popular for extensions, garages, porches and apartment buildings, most homes have pitched roofing. Not only does this type of roof come with tonnes of kerb appeal but it’s functional too, keeping properties warm and weatherproof. Roofs get battered by all weathers, so from time to time, you may find your roof requires repairs.

While roofing work can feel like a cost and hassle you don’t need, if you choose an experienced, professional roofer, they’ll recommend the best solutions in each case.

Here are some easy fixes for pitched roofs which may help.

Replace Loose or Missing Tiles

One of the most common complaints homeowners have about their roof is when they spot missing or slipped tiles from the pitched slope. This could have occurred for a multitude of reasons, from moss growth to damage caused in high winds. Although minor, never ignore this issue as it leaves lower roofing layers exposed to the elements or could lead to other tiles or slates coming loose.

Luckily, roofers can often provide a quick fix, especially if they have access to local roofing material suppliers. If any tiles are broken, these will be removed first before the new ones are fixed in place. A roofer may also inspect the under layers first to ensure more severe damage hasn’t occurred.

Easy roof repairs - Simple fixes for pitched roofing | Best roofing guidesNew Leadwork for Cracked Flashing

Lead is often used for flashing around areas such as chimney stacks and skylights, ensuring the roof remains as watertight as possible. It sits between joints where water could penetrate the home, making sure these areas are sealed tight.

If you’ve found damp patches within your loft or on your ceilings, cracked or missing flashing could be the culprit. Once your roofer confirms this is the case, repairs are required to prevent further leaks.

If you catch the issue early before internal damage is caused to the roof timbers, the fix should be simple. If the flashing has come loose, it needs securing in place, or it can be replaced if it’s been damaged.

Restore Crumbling Mortar Joints

One of the reasons roof parts start to deteriorate is down to the mortar joints. This is often the case where there’s brickwork present, such as a chimney stack. You may also find this type of problem at the mortar joints between ridge tiles running along the top line of a pitched roof or along the verges at gable ends.

Crumbling mortar joints can occur over time, creating gaps which could lead to structural issues and leaks. The easy repair for this is repointing the mortar joints, which your roofer will usually price per tile or brick.

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